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Newsletter January 2012

Relearn Window Removed!

iORO sensor

We removed the 1 hour relearn window from all our iORO products, making them perfect for installation in wheel and tire packages. All new OTI-001 shipments will be marked with the letter A to designate new sensors which do not have a relearn window. All OTI-002 and OTI-003 sensors do not have a relearn window.

Note Part # on Box
OTI-001 – Relearn window (1HR)
OTI-001A – No relearn window.  

OTI-001A Sticker

OTI-003 Available Now

iORO logo

iORO sensor OTI-003 is available now.  OTI-003 covers many 2008-2012 Asian imports like Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota.  Check out the complete application list forOTI-003.  Together the three iORO sensors cover 90% of all TPMS vehicles.

Application Data by Cell Phone

QR code on Orotek box for part OTI-003

We are making our application and relearn data available by smart phone. Look on the box for a QR image next to the barcode. QR codes are those square images, about the size of a postage stamp, that are made up of little black boxes. These box sequences condense data into a tiny space and are able to be scanned by smart phones with the most popular QR Code Apps that are available for free online. Once you have the App installed and running, all you have to do is point your phones camera at the QR code and in seconds your phone will load the application and relearn web page for the sensor.

For more details visit our How To QR page

Orotek iORO TPMS senor on box with QR code

TPMS Violations Serious Business

NHTSA Response Letter thumbnail

Recent clarification from NHTSA on four TPMS scenarios suggests that mechanics and customers need to be clear on what condition the TPMS system is in before work begins. Adding TPMS to your pre-service checklist is an indispensable best practice that we at Orotek have included in our training because of scenarios like these.

Another best practice is to stock our three iORO SKUs ensuring that you can service 90% of all vehicles at all times. It could keep you from having to unnecessarily retain a vehicle out of service while waiting for parts (scenario #3).

To read all four scenarios and the whole response letter from NHTSA on TIA’s website Click here. (PDF 1.24MB)


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