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Newsletter April 2012

We Dared to Compare

false TPMS warning lights

Oro-Tek offers a complete solution that goes beyond the cometition.  We excell with best coverage, best battery shelf life, best tool compatibility, and best support.  We put all the numbers in a handy TPMS Aftermarket comparison chart (215k PDF) so you can easilty see the Oro-Tek difference.


Turn TPMS into a Profit Center

false TPMS warning lights

Based on NHTSA’s recent report regarding the “Make TPMS inoperative rule,” Our team provided you with a valuable TPMS presale checklist. The TPMS check not only helps you be on compliance with NHTSA’s regulations it is a handy sales tool !!!!!

  1.  1. Generating TPMS revenue is as simple as educating the customer. Use the TPMS checklist to educated the customer on the state of his/her TPMS system. If you haven’t downloaded the PDF checklist, here’s another link:
  2. Using your Oro-Tek point-of-sale easel to close the sale.
  3. After closing the sale make sure you have everything you need to complete the job. Utilizing iOro’s MVP (Multi Vehicle Protocol) sensor, SKU’s OTI-001, OTI-002, & OTI-003, you’re armed with 90% vehicle application coverage.
  4. Now it’s time to look up your customer’s vehicle on the Oro-Tek app guide, click here: After confirming the sensor required for your customer, print out a copy of the relearn procedure shown on the same app guide webpage. After reading the relearn instructions, does the customer’s vehicle require an OBD TPMS tool for relearn? It’s now time to install your customer’s new sensors and relearn the vehicle using the instructions provided to you on the website. (Remember, Oro-Tek sensors are OE replacement. No new tools or programming is required by Oro-Tek sensors.)

In closing, these four little steps will eliminate in shop losses while turning TPMS into a profit center for your company. Call your local Oro-Tek TPMS distributor to get started today. To find a distributor in your area, click here:


Stuck in a Loop

Toyota Reset

Toyota vehicles prior to 2009 are equipped with a Tire Pressure Warning Reset Switch intended for updating the ECU with TPM sensor data when rotating tires. If you push and hold this button for three seconds, the vehicle receivers will open and search for TPMS sensors by their IDs that are currently stored in memory.

Toyota Reset ButtonThis is a great feature that seems a bit like refreshing a web page but if this button is pushed and sensors have been replaced without the re-learn process being completed you are “stuck in loop”. Although the button is benignly labeled “Set” and pictures the telltale TPMS symbol, you definitely don’t want to push it until after the new sensors have been learned into the ECU. There is no indicator that the program is looping either. When you connect a scan tool to the OBD port while the program is looping, you might get a message like, “Lost Communication with ECU.” A scan tool will even allow you to Read IDs while the ECU is stuck in a loop.

Bartec Toyota Loop Cancel ToolBartec has a simple Toyota Loop Reset tool that can rescue a vehicle’s ECU from perpetual looping. Just connect it to the ECU, press and hold the device’s only button for thirty seconds. The device escapes the loop and you can now begin the relearn procedure. Also the Bartec400 SD can also take you out of the loop.

How to use the BARTEC WRTRST50 to Reset the Vehicle

  1. Turn the ignition to the ON position.
  2. Insert the WRTRST50 into the OBD II port on the vehicle. Once connected, press and hold the button on the WRTRST50 for at least 20 seconds. Do not cycle the ignition switch to the "OFF" position during this step.  
  3. Remove the WRTRST50, and resume the TPMS relearn procedure.
Note: Tool does not work with Land Cruiser models.

Spotlight on New Sensors

OroTek OSC-0516 TPMS Sensor


New Sensor OSC-0156

This new sensor covers many 2004-11 Volvo models Click here to view a list of all OSC-0156 applications

Phil Perez Joins Revolution Supply

TPMS Preservice Checklist

We are pleased to announce that Phil Perez has accepted the position of Western Regional Sales Manager with Revolution Supply Co effective April 16, 2012.

Mr. Perez will be responsible for expanding sales volume with the Oro-Tek TPMS distribution network by implementing a series of focused strategies revolving around education, market penetration and product placement. In addition, Phil’s expertise within the UHP wheel & tire industry will provide an immediate impact to the continued success of our wheel accessory program.

Mr. Perez brings a proven track record to the Revolution team with a career spanning 36-years in the wheel and tire industry. Phil’s most recognizable accomplishments were during his tenure with two of the largest custom wheel manufacturers in North America; American Racing Equipment and Progressive Custom Wheels. Phil’s work ethic, product knowledge and notable success are highly respected by industry veterans within the trade. 

We would like to thank our colleagues who participated in the selection process. Their efforts are deeply appreciated. 

We are confident that Mr. Perez will be an excellent match for this position and a strong asset to the Revolution Team. Phil is based in our Westminster, CA sales office and can be reached directly at 657-200-6506 or Please join us in welcoming Phil Perez to the team as Western Regional Sales Manager.


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