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FREE Tank of Gas
woman pumping free tank of gas This is not a contest, so you don't have to compete with anyone to get a free tank of gas. You don't have to buy anything from us and there's no tricks or gimmicks. It's not even about carpooling, public transportation, biking or walking to work. This is a little known fact that gives you some control of your fuel consumption. In fact, it's completely up to you to give yourself a free tank of gas.

The little known secret not widely practiced, which gives you control of your fuel consumption is simply keeping your vehicle tires properly inflated. Whenever your vehicle’s tires are underinflated* by just 3 pounds per square inch it costs you 1% in extra fuel consumption each year. If you use 1 tank of gas per week (20 gallons ) times $3.50 per gallon, that’s $70 per week. Multiply $70 times 52 weeks per year and you get an annual fuel cost of $3500. One percent of $3,500 equals $35. If your tires were underinflated by 6 Psi, you would lose 2% per year, which equates to $70 or one tank of gas. So there you have it, keep your tires properly inflated and save yourself a free tank of gas!

*Proper inflation is determined by your vehicle’s tire placard, located inside the driver side door frame (not the wall of the tire as commonly misunderstood). tire placard
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