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NEW! Short, Snap-In Valve Stem!

930-20008 vs. 930-20010
OROTEK's new, shorter snap-in valve stem is perfect for solving tricky clearance issues and is compatible with all Generation II OROTEK sensors (yellow body). AVAILABLE NOW!!!

2015 Ford replacement sensors are here!

ORO-TEK is proud to announce the release of our latest TPMS sensor, the OSC-F2GA designed for many popular 2015 Ford/Lincoln models. Covered vehicles include:
- 2015 Mustang
- 2015 F-150
- 2015 Explorer
- 2015 Edge
- 2015 MKX 
Click here for a full list of applications!

2015 ORO-TEK Catalog Now Available!


The 2015 ORO-TEK catalog is now available in print and as a downloadable PDF. The new catalog features all of the latest information on the Generation II sensor line, WAL technology, service kits, and more!
Please let us know if you would like copies of the print catalog via email at

Generation II Product News

ORO-TEK’s Gen II sensors are hitting the shelves and we have put together a list of product details every shop should keep in mind!

  • Our new Freescale chipset means faster re-learns after installation, plus compatibility with advanced WAL technology in sensors OBE-012A and OSC-8214A (see below post).
  • The air down-to-reset procedure has been eliminated completely for quick, easy installation.   
  • iOro universal sensors have expanded coverages, up to 93% of vehicles from 90%.
  • The single protocol sensor line has been reduced from 64 to 45 SKUs while maintaining 97% market coverage.
  • All Gen II sensors can be used with a rubber valve stem (Service Kit 930-20008). Sensors OSC-0153B, OSE-7635A and OSC-0315A come standard with a rubber stem.
  • You can now cover 70% of the market with only six single protocol sensors OPA-3011A, OSC-0153B, OSC-0315A, OSE-7635A, OSE-7770A and OSC-8204B.
We will be conducting webinars on Gen II functionality each day of the week of 8/28 at 7AM, 10AM and 6PM EST. Contact us for more details. 


ORO-TEK Sensors Are Now WAL Compatible

ORO-TEK Sensors Are Now WAL Compatible

Generation II Sensors from ORO-TEK are the first aftermarket OEM replacement to offer compatibility with Wireless Auto Location systems. At the cutting edge of TPMS technology, W.A.L. systems allow for replacement sensors to be learned automatically by and interact with a single, central receiving antenna in the vehicle.

Download the WAL pdf to learn more!

New Generation II ORO-TEK Sensors

ORO-TEK has launched its second generation line of OE sensor replacements.

Features of the Generation II Sensors include:

  • New, smaller body design for easy installation. Total sensor weight is reduced 40%.
  • Support for snap-in, rubber valve stems.
  • Improved electronics for faster relearn.

ORO-TEK’s Generation II Sensor line features iORO Multi Vehicle Protocol, with three sensors covering 90% of applications, as well as a variety of traditional, single protocol models.

 New ORO-TEK TPMS Service Kits

ORO-TEK TPMS Service KitsORO-TEK TPMS Service Kits Now Available!

ORO-TEK service kits include everything you need to properly service OE TPMS equipped valve stems. Service kits are tailored to specific vehicle makes, models and years and include sealing components such as caps, cores, grommets and nuts. OEM specifications require these components to be replaced every time tires and rims on TPMS equipped vehicles are serviced.

View our catalog for part numbers and applications Click Here

ORO-TEK Catalog Available Now


Our ORO-TEK TPMS catalog is now available for download Click Here

TPMS Checklist Helps Comply With NHTSA Guidelines

valve cap test for TPMS

Our pre-service TPMS checklist helps you comply with the latest NHTSA guidelines and prevent TPMS problems before they become a repair shop liability.  It also assists you to pinpoint potential causes of TPMS failure.  This Printable TPMS Checklist PDF (72Kb) is an indispensible aid for daily on the job use in promoting TPMS sales and securing customer loyalty. For details on the steps outlined in the PDF visit our checklist webpage complete with explanations.

TPMS violations Serious Business

valve cap test for TPMSRecent clarification from NHTSA on four TPMS scenarios suggests that mechanics and customers need to be clear on what condition the TPMS system is in before work begins. Adding TPMS to your pre-service checklist is an indispensable best practice that we at Orotek have included in our training because of scenarios like these.

Another best practice is to stock our three iORO SKUs ensuring that you can service 90% of all vehicles at all times. It could keep you from having to unnecessarily retain a vehicle out of service while waiting for parts (scenario #3).

To read all four scenarios and the whole response letter from NHTSA on TIA's website. Click here. (PDF 1.2MB)

Three TPMS Sensors Cover 90% of all Vehicles 

OROTEK iORO TPMS LogoOTI-001 - Covers 70% of the entire vehicle market; not just Ford, Chevy and Chrysler.  Service most customer TPMS systems with just one iORO sensor.   OTI-001 Application Coverage List.

OTI-002 - Covers most 433 Mhz Apps, including all BMW 2006-12.  OTI-002 Application Coverage List

OTI-003 - Covers many asian imports.
OTI-003 Application Coverage List


TPMS Market Poised for Tremendous Growth

iORO TPMS sensor with MVP technology The TREAD Act of 2000 mandates that every vehicle sold in the U.S. with less than 10k GVWR after September 1 2007 must be TPMS compliant. If you are a distributor or retail tire store you are poised to take advantage of a 3 billion dollar TPMS market explosion. That’s why you need a TPMS supplier now who is already delivering superior products, outstanding training, and exclusive online resources; all while staying ahead of consumer demand. read more about the tpms market explosion...

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Woman pumping gas This is not a contest, so you don't have to compete with anyone to get a free tank of gas. You don't have to buy anything from us and there's no tricks or gimmicks. It's not even about carpooling, public transportation, biking or walking to work. This is a little known fact that gives you some control of your fuel consumption. In fact, it's completely up to you to give yourself a free tank of gas. How to get a free tank of gas...
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